This one and half year Finance and Accounting Program is for finance/accounting specialists currently in practice, such as certified public accountants, licensed tax accountants, analysts, actuaries and individuals with prior experience working at the Financial Services Agency or National Tax Agency. Enrollment for this course is in October, and students in this finance and accounting program do not have the option of switching to another program. Selection for this course will be made by considering the applicant's financial/accounting work experience.


■One and Half Year Course Outline

◎Most of the classes in this course are instructed in Japanese.
◎Standard degree completion will take 1 year and 6 months with a completion requirement of
38 credits.
◎Enrollment is in October.
◎To complete the course, the following credits are required:

Basic Subjects: 6 or more credits
Specialized Subjects:
20 or more credits (including 8 or more credits in subjects specified by the program)
Business Practice Subjects:
8 or more credits (including 4 or more credits in subjects specified by the program)
Advanced Subjects:
4 credits in 2 subjects (total of 4 credits in Workshop I and II)

◎The maximum number of subjects that can be taken in each semester is twelve subjects, 24
credits (the annual maximum is 48 credits).
◎Regarding basic subjects, an achievement system is available where students may take an
achievement test for non-registered subjects in order to receive credit certification.
◎Submitting a master's thesis is not required for course completion.
◎In accordance with the profession/work experience at admission, the following courses will
not be counted for the required credits toward completion.

Certified Public Accountant (Japan) …accounting, organizational behavior, management strategy
Certified Public Accountant (United States) …accounting
Licensed Tax Accountant …accounting
Security Analyst (Japan, United States, International) …macroeconomics, accounting, finance
Actuary (Japan, United States) …accounting, statistical analysis
National Government Type I (Ministry of Finance/Financial Services Agency) …microeconomics,

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