yamada Tadashi YAMADA, Professor

Project Operations Management Program
i-PM Program

【Specialized Fields】
Logistics, Transport Planning

【Subjects】 Transportation and Logistics Management, Project Operations Management WS, International Project Management WS
【Background】 Graduated from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering. PhD (Engineering). After working as Lecturer in Kansai University and Associate Professor in Hiroshima University, become Associate Professor in Kyoto University.
【Publications】 City Logistics - Network Modelling and Intelligent Transport Systems (joint authorship), Emerald, 2001.; Designing Multimodal Freight Transport Networks: A Heuristic Approach and Applications, Transportation Science, Vol.43, pp.129-143, 2009; Freight transport network design using particle swarm optimisation in supply chain-transport supernetwork equilibrium, Transportation Research Part E, Vol.75, pp.164-187, 2015.
【Message】 Transport and logistics systems are essential to socioeconomic activities, including supply chain management and tourism, while these systems are the source of various externalities, such as traffic congestion, traffic accidents, and negative environmental impacts. From this aspect, the workshops deal with the design and performance of transport and logistics networks. Let’s consider and discuss how to create efficient transport and logistics systems.
【Activities】 Activity Database on Education and Research, Kyoto University

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