008tokuga Yoshihiro TOKUGA, Professor

Finance and Accounting Program

【Specialized Fields】
International Accounting, Financial Accounting

【Subjects】 Accounting, Business Analysis, Accounting Workshop
【Background】 BE and ME (Kyushu University), PhD (Kyoto University). Visiting Fellow (University of Washington), Professor at Kyushu University, Professor at Kyoto University.AAAA: Former President, IAAER: Vice President, Business Accounting Council: Member, CPAAOB:Member, Science Council of Japan: Member, CPA Exam Committee: Former Member.
【Publications】 Fundamental Concepts of Corporate Accounting, Vol.1 (joint authorship), Chuo-Keizai Inc., 2011; International Accounting Theory, Chuo-Keizai Inc., 2001.
【Message】 In accounting, there are functions which support the decision making of participants in the capital market, and functions which support the contract performance between accounting corporations and stakeholders. In the finance accounting related subjects, students will study the relationship between corporate accounting and the economic society. Additionally, in Business Analysis, students will learn specific examples of how to analyze and evaluate companies based on corporate financial information.
【Activities】 Activity Database on Education and Research, Kyoto University

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