006suematsu Chihiro SUEMATSU, Professor

Business Leadership Program

【Specialized Fields】
IT Business, Creative Thinking

【Subjects】 General Problem Solving, Business Process Modeling
【Background】 Graduated from the Tokyo Institute and Technology School of Engineering then completed a Masters of Technology (MOT) at Stanford University. After working at McKinsey & Company, established a management consulting company before professorship at Kyoto University in 2001.
【Publications】 Kyoto Style Management, Open Source and Neo IT Strategy, "Interface from Transaction Cost Approach"
【Message】 In the intensifying competitive global environment, quick and bold changes (innovation) are essential. In this society where there are organizations that resist change, and where qualitative differences are disregarded and incentives are not given to leaders, it is our mission to nurture leaders who will lead these changes. This is a difficult mission, but let us make this challenge together.
【Activities】 Activity Database on Education and Research, Kyoto University

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