014wakabayashi n Naoki WAKABAYASHI, Professor

Service and Hospitality Program
Tourism and Hospitality Management Course

【Specialized Fields】
Organization Behavior, Human Resources Management, Network Organization

【Subjects】 Organization Behavior, Management Research
【Background】 University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Sociology. MA (Sociology), Ph.D (Economics) from Kyoto University). After working Associate Professor in Tohoku University and Kyoto University, become Professor of Organizational Behabior at Kyoto University.
【Publications】 Networks Organization, (in Japanese), Yuhikaku, 2009; "Japanese Networks for Top-Performing Films: Repeated Teams Preserve Uniqueness", Journal of Media Business Studies, Vol.6, No.3, 2009, pp.31-48; DeFillippi, Robert et al. (eds.) International Perspectives On Business Innovation And Disruption In The Creative Industries, Edwin Elger, 2014
【Message】 Today, business firms extend their value chain over the traditional boundary of firms and expand their alliances with other business companies and key bueinss persons. Thus, managers of business firms also extend their scope over the boundary and manage their real business networks with customers, suppliers and other collaborators. Let's think about current business organizations from the viewpoint of social network theory and make smart management of network organizations.
【Activities】 Activity Database on Education and Research, Kyoto University

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