027nozawa Seiji NOZAWA,  Professor

Business Leadership Program

【Specialized Fields】
Marketing, Marketing Research

【Subjects】 Marketing Research, Management Research, Business Leadership Workshop Ⅰ、Ⅱ
【Background】 Graduated from the Waseda University Graduate School and received a MA (Commerce). Worked at Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd. Graduated the MIT Sloan School of Management and received MS (Management). Withdrew from the doctor's course at the Hosei University Graduate School after completed required credits. Currently General Manager of Strategic Branding Dept. and the Head of Market Insight Section of Strategic Branding Dept. in the Kirin Holdings Company Ltd.
【Publications】 Time Series research which catches change of people and market, The Introduction of Marketing Research, Tokyo Tosyo Inc., 2018. : Research practice for finding helpful insight linked to value creation, Marketing Researcher No. 133, 2017. :. A know-how of hypothesis and inspection based on objective data that Kirin practices, Hansoku-kaigi, Feb, 2017. : Proposing a merchandising for retailers, First runners of the marketing science, Tokyo Tosyo Inc., 2016.
【Message】 In this modern business world, business workers are required not to have mere knowledge and experiences, but to lead a logical solution from self-set issues based on knowledge and experiences. Let's use cases, data and analysis software so that practical application abilities can be cultivated in order to think about ways to solve business problems which are becoming more and more complex
【Activities】 AActivity Database on Education and Research, Kyoto University

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