Integrated Port Logistics Chair

201712港湾物流宮田正史先生 Masafumi MIYATA, Adjunct Professor

【Specialized Fields】
Port Engineering, Reliability-Based Design, Technical Standard

【Background】 M. Eng. from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ph. D. from Waseda University. PHRI of MOT, Kanto/ Reginal Development Bureau of MLIT, NILIM.
【Publications】 Reliability analysis on stress verification of piled pier focusing on the statistical properties of ship berthing speed: Journal of JSCE(B3), 2017. Introduction to performance-based design in geotechnical field(JGS, 2012)(partial writing).
【Message】 In developing countries of South Asian and Africa, there are still a lot of needs for large-scale port developments and regional development. I would like to conduct research on how Japan should do technical assistances to port infrastructure developments of developing countries, with using technical standards or guidelines of Japan and considering a win-win relationship.

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