Integrated Port Logistics Chair

201712港湾物流赤倉康寛先生 Yasuhiro AKAKURA, Adjunct Professor

【Specialized Fields】
Global Logistics, Port Planning, Logistics Risk Management

【Background】 M. Eng. and Ph. D. from Graduate School of Tohoku University, PHRI of MOT, NILIM of MLIT, DPRI of Kyoto University.
【Publications】 Estimation Method for Port Cargo Demands after Large-Scale Earthquakes and Tsunamis: Journal of JSCE, Vol.5, 2017.  An Assessment of the Impacts on the International Container Transport and the World Economy Resulting from the 2014/15 U.S. West Coast Port, IDRiM Journal, Vol.8, 2018.
【Message】 The progress of world container trade has advanced the global supply chain development. I would like to contribute to establish the better container transporting system for Japanese industries, in the midst of the recent trends of enlarging of container ships, oligopoly by large alliances and rise of protectionism.

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