Global Social Entrepreneurship

Maki FUKAMI Maki FUKAMI, Adjunct Professor

【Specialized Fields】
Emergency Management, Organization Theory, Human Resource Development

【Subjects】 Emergency Management Basic (Intensive Class)
Global Social Entrepreneurship –Leadership Style-

Graduate School of Economy, Kyoto University (Ph.D)
Founder, President&CEO, International Institute of Global Resilience, Inc.

【Publications】  “Emergency Management as an applied Management Science”, Organizational Science, Vol.45, No.4, 2012
Co-authored “Guidebook on the Incident Command System (ICS)” (2014)
【Message】 After building up academic career in Japan, I started my business in the US. This year would be my 8th year as a social entrepreneur and I am excited to share my star-up story and US Emergency Management behind the scene stories with you as well as basic Emergency Management skills, knowledges, and abilities.

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