Mizuho Securities Endowment (Corporate Finance)

036mitachi Takashi MITACHI Adjunct Professor

【Specialized Fields】

【Subjects】 Managing value: strategy, risk, finance
【Background】 Holds a Master of Business Administration with high distinction (Baker Scholar) from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in American literature from the University of Kyoto. Worked for JAL, then joined the Boston Consulting Group. Former member of its Worldwide Executive Committee and Co-Chairman Japan, currently Senior Partner & Managing Director of Japan office.
【Publications】 "The BCG Way - The Art of Strategic Insight",
"Being Able to Apply", "Auxiliary Lines for Management Thinking",
"Times of changes and abilities to change; auxiliary lines for management thinking 2"
【Message】 To become a sustainable value creator, insight-driven strategy development, understanding of risks, and Integrated management of strategy and finance are indispensable. This class aims to develop both knowledge and capability referring to my own consulting experiences.

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