City and Town Management by Public-Private Partnerships

20鎌田秀一客員准教授- Shuichi KAMATA, Adjunct Associate Professor

【Specialized Fields】
Urban planning, Urban development, Urban environment and energy

【Background】 Graduated from the Waseda University Faculty and Graduate School of Science and Engineering. Entered the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and held positions such as the Director-General, City Development Bureau of Niigata City.Currently Director for Facilities Planning Coordination(MLIT)
【Publications】 "About Low-carbon City development guidance" City Planning Review (2010), "About the research of urban reconstruction method for tsunami-affected area" Shin toshi (2011), "Energy network area and urban development" District Heating & Cooling (2014), others
【Message】 We face many changes, for example rapid decline in population, low birth rate and aging, and global warming. For this reason, I think the direction of urban development necessitates change. Let's consider, for sustainable urban development, how to use the resources of urban development.

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