Service Exellence

田嶋写真2 Masami TAJIMA  Adjunct Professor

【Specialized Fields】
Service management, Franchise System

【Background】 Established a corporation“ Franchise Advantage” and was employed as a managing director after conducting services for the Import Housing FC head office. A commissioner of the "Data Base Committee" at the Corporation of Franchise Chain Society. A commissioner of "The Service Industry Productivity Innovation Committee” sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, and a commissioner of“ The Service Engineering Promotion Committee”
【Message】 Since the foundation of my company,“ a realistic policy to increase sales results” and“ an operation conducted by a minimized staff” has been simultaneously kept, though it is often acknowledged that it can be difficult to raise productivity in the service industry, I have created a system where team get-togethers encompass all aspects regarding sales targets. A renewal research for the practical examples or a renovation process of the business front might be able to contribute to further developing skilled managers in the service industry and bridge the gap from industry to the academic field.

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