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Gautam photo2016 Gautam RAY Professor


【Specialized Fields】
Economic Growth and Development. Public Policy Analysis. Supply Chain Management

【Subjects】 Supply Chain Management; Development Dynamics and Policy Perspectives
【Background】 Worked as a senior civil servant in India; Chief Commissioner, Ministry of Finance, Government of India; Wold Bank Fellow; Fiscal Expert, IMF; Founded Asian Institute of Public Policy and Development Studies, Kolkata; Founded Global Business Alliance; Managing Asian Business Leader (ABL) program of GSM, Kyoto University as its Chair; Professor of International Project Management, Kyoto University
【Publications】 Ray Gautam, 2018: “Modeling Transportation in General Equilibrium” in K.Masushima and W.P. Anderson (eds.) Transportation, Knowledge and Space in Urban and regional Economics, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, USA: Edward Elgar , pp.47-71 Ray Gautam, 2018 : “ASEAN-India Comprehensive Partnership for Growth and Inclusive Development” in Kobayashi, Kiyoshi( Economic Integration and Regional Development: The ASEAN Economic Community London and New York: Routledge,pp.45-57 Ray Gautam 2014 “ Affirmative Action in India” in Governance for Development: Towards Excellence in Global Public Service , Cambridge, UK : Nexus Strategic Partnerships, Ray Gautam 2013 “Foundations of Collective Action” in Hans Westlund and Kiyoshi Kobayashi (eds.) Social Capital and Rural Development in the Knowledge Society” Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, USA: Edward Elgar , pp.75-10
【Message】 Development dynamics and policy perspectives course teaches a conceptual framework capturing the mechanics of development dynamics of broader social system that includes economy, polity and culture and offers a platform for students to discuss development policy issues in both developed and emerging economies. Supply chain management course teaches how collaboration across supply chain partners including consumers can generate socially optimal business outcome.

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