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The Dean, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University

Kyoto University Graduate School of Management (the official name is Kyoto University Graduate School of Management Department of Business Administration and Department of Management Science, in the following, GSM) was established as a professional degree offering a master course in April 2006.
This master course (Department of Business Administration) was established at the graduate school to educate highly-skilled professionals in the field of professional management.
The master's course accepts students from various backgrounds such as professionalbusiness people, foreign students seeking to study abroad, along with any students within the science and technology field. A two year education curriculum is offered.
The academic degree of "Master of Business Administration (profession)" (MBA) is obtained upon completion of each of the four programs such as "Business Leadership", "Service Value Creation" "Project Operations Management (POM)" and " Finance and Accounting". Also, the“ International Project Management Course (IPROMAC)” where all classes are instructed in English, and a one and a half year course for finance specialists and accountants is offered.

In addition, PhD. course (Department of Management Science) was established in April 2016. Eight new students were admitted. The PhD. course accepts students who possess successful business results and possess ample business experience. This offers course work conducted over three years and focuses on three different programs which encompass "Practical Finance", "Service Innovation and Design", and "Project Management", and has them submit a doctoral dissertation involving the academic significance, its novelty, creativity and applicable value in the field of management science. After the Ph. D defense, a candidate student will be awarded a PhD. (Management Science).

GSM provides many specialized subjects taught solely in English in order to respond to international needs. GSM has many mutual agreements between related departments of foreign universities, which enables GSM students to be dispatched abroad to France, Germany, Canada, China, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Thailand, Korea, and other countries. Also, by focusing a project to develop Asian business leaders, GSM cooperates with participant companies in joint research projects as well as collaborating with many business schools from Asian countries.

GSM held a 10th anniversary commemorative events in 2016 thanks to companies, organizations, central and local governments and GSM alumni. During these ten years GSM has made a conscious effort to continually respond to the needs within a changing era, changing society, business demand, and adhering to students’ requests. As a result, in 2015, ABEST21 (The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow, a 21st century) honored GSM by saying,“ GSM was excellent because almost all evaluation standards were satisfied within the curriculum programs and very few areas needed to be improved. Maintaining and improvement not only for education, but also for research were to be expected.” In addition, with the support of Japan Tourism Agency, GSM is preparing to open the Tourism Management Science MBA program (tentative name) of our MBA school in 2018 Spring.This was attributed to the fact that our students and the faculty members have improved themselves and created the an excellent place of shared learning with each other. This was also attributed to the fact that enterprises, non-profit organizations and government offices have given their continued support to GSM. We would like to show our gratitude to each stakeholder here again. Based on the philosophy of "prudence with self-confidence", "autonomy and independence" that has been respected and pursued in Kyoto University, GSM would like to strive for the next ten years challenges, reformation and creation in advanced management research and an educational system development based on the high professional business, and to further contribute to the diverse and harmonious developments of a global society.


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