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Graduate School of Management (GSM), Kyoto University implemented a cloud-based system to manage alumni community. Alumni can register recent contacts and work place from your computers or smartphones. Based on your information, we will send you updated information relating to alumni and University events. 
You can pay alumni annual membership fees and any events fees online by credit cards.
Please check your emails, since we will send emails to all alumni further details about cloud-based system to manage alumni community. If you have not received email from us, please contact GSM Alumni Association office.


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2018年度 同窓会





- Greeting from the Chairperson

Hiroyoshi Fujiwara (October 27th, 2018)

I, Hiroyoshi Fujiwara, was elected as a chairperson of the Graduate School of Management (GSM) Alumni Association from the Alumni General Meeting of GSM, Kyoto University in 2018. The GSM Alumni Association is a student organization which has been established under a unifying emphasis to continually support the GSM, Kyoto University and the GSM Alumni Association. Mr. Omori, former chairperson of the GSM Alumni Association, was highly committed to work to advance the GSM Alumni Association capabilities and improvements. I will continue his outstanding work in the development of the GSM Alumni Association and focus on the following three initiatives at my term of office for next two years.

1, Network Our alumni, with different backgrounds and experiences, live and work across the world. It is difficult to maintain their networks. Our challenge is to help and create opportunities for alumni connect with one another through collaboration with the graduates of Executive Education Program and strengthen the networks with oversea alumni.

2, Work to Advance the GSM of Kyoto University Thanks to Mr. Omori’s efforts and commitments, the GSM Alumni Association is capable to support Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University. We will strengthen our support by maximizing alumni networks to provide guest lecturers, seminars and internships. Furthermore, we aim to build a system that can finance the facilities for the Kyoto University and financial aids for scholarships.

3, Publish Information We contributed to the development of the GSM of Kyoto University through our activities. We believe that our contribution to the GSM of Kyoto University is imperative for the growth of both the GSM Alumni Association and Kyoto University, and will create more value for our network. In order to strengthen and create more opportunities for alumni, we will increase the number of activities and publish more reports through our website and SNS. 

We will further enhance the appeal of the GSM of Kyoto University and be remarkably dedicated to constantly serving as the connection between students and alumni. 



- Greeting from the Dean, Graduate School of Management

Dean Yoshinori HARA (January 8, 2019)

Graduate School of Management (GSM), Kyoto University was founded in 2006, and celebrates 14 th anniversary. 

GSM, Kyoto University was founded, by fostering advanced professionals, in a global city of Kyoto where tradition meets innovation. We offer a degree opportunity giving students the ability to earn the basics of business management not just business leadership, finance and accounting but more we provide project management operations, services and hospitality for students who will be successful on a global scale. Since 2018, GSM, Kyoto University has started the new professional education development project for executives and managers in the tourism sector, as well as Executive MBA program.

In March 2019, we are expecting a new GSM Alumni Association member who has completed Ph.D. degree in Management Science. From April 2019, we will offer two international full-time two-year programs which are fully instructed in English. One program is International Business Administration Program (i-BA) and the other is International Project Management Program (i-PM). Also, together with the Hotel School Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, we will offer a collaborative degree opportunity, giving students the ability to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Kyoto University and a Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) from Cornell University in four semesters over two years.

The role of GSM Alumni Association is increasing more and more, which connects research and practical business, and is encouraging the cooperation with industry, government, schools. Since October 2018, we hold regular lectures and gatherings called GTP (Get Together Party) with the aim to develop relationships among students, alumni, related companies, faculties and staffs. GTP is, in principle, scheduled once a month (In Wednesday evening of the third week of first classes held in the first and second semesters, but please double check the details by yourself), and is planned to be held at the degree award ceremony in March. Let’s create and engage the core culture of GSM Kyoto University together. We are happy to welcome our alumni participations.

We will continue providing global opportunities, exclusive access to a professional network with alumni, and more cooperation projects with public and private sectors. 





Activities Reports

Reunion of 2018 was a great success with many alumni participations. Special thanks to Dean Hara, Professor Wakabayashi, Professor Suematsu and Professor Sugiyama.

At Reunion of 2018, Mr. Omori, former chairperson of Graduate School of Management (GSM) Alumni Association gave us an introductory speech regarding GSM Alumni activity reports.

During the general meeting of the GSM Alumni Association, a partial change of the newly appointed directors and some contents revisions in our contract had been approved. As a result, Mr. Omori finishes his chairperson term of office but will remain as one of our directors of the GSM Alumni Association. Mr. Omori will continue and cooperate in our future development. Thanks to Mr. Omori for building the foundation for GSM Alumni activities. We, the GSM Alumni Association, will begin operation under the new regime.

As we hold special lectures every year, we invited two lecturers this year, Mr. Mizuki Takeuchi and Mr. Takashi Mitachi.
Mr. Mizuki Takeuchi is from LIXIL Corporation, and his lecture was about “LIXIL’s RPA scale strategy, developing 500 in-house RPA developers”.
Mr. Takashi Mitachi is from Boston Consulting Group, and his lecture was about “Era of Coexistence: Modeling and Leadership Style”.

We would like to thank GOODLIFE Co. and SHIMADA HAMBA & OSAJIMA for being generous and sponsoring the GSM Alumni Association.

At the social gathering party after the reunion, Mr. Yuya Izumi from GOODLIFE CO. and Mr. Satoshi Ishikawa from SHIMADA HAMBA & OSAJIMA gave us welcome speeches. Again, thank you very much for sponsoring the GSM Alumni Association.



We will continue engaging in comprehensive activities to inspire each alumnus and support the development for both the GSM Alumni Association and Kyoto University Business Administration Graduate School. Our dedicated volunteer leadership of the GSM Alumni Association will continue and bring a value for all alumni.

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Academic Year 2018 (The General Meeting, October 27, 2018)

Chairperson: Hiroyoshi FUJIWARA (the 7th graduate)

Deputy Chairperson: Tadanori UMEKAWA (the 4th graduate)

Directors (Faculty): Yoshinori HARA (Dean), Yasunaga WAKABAYASHI, Chihiro SUEMATSU

Directors (Graduates):
Hiroshi KUBO (the 1st graduate), Mie YAMAZAKI (the 2nd graduate), Mitsuru OHMORI (the 3rd graduate),
Akimasa SHIGETA (the 5th graduate), Satoru OGA (the 6th graduate), Ani TERADA (the 6th graduate), 
Tomohiro OTA (the 7th graduate), Takaaki NISHIIRI (the 8th graduate), Hiroki EIRAKU (the 9th graduate), 
Rika MORIMOTO (the 9th graduate), Masayoshi TAKABAYASHI (the 10th graduate), Kazu HORIUCHI (the 7th graduate/ IPROMAC), Shohei FUNATSU (the 7th graduate/ Kansai)






October 27, 2018

The purpose of the association is to establish communication network among the members and to keep the members to contact with the school. We provide alumni association members followings; 

 1.Network with GSM, Kyoto University
 2.Opportunities to get information relating to public and private sector projects
 3.Network with Alumni
 4.Network with managers in different industries
 5.Network with successful members on a global scale

Article 2 Name of the Association
The name of the association is as follows; The Alumni Association of the Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University.

Article 3 Location
The location is as follows; Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501

Article 4 Members
The association is composed of the following members; 

1.The graduates of the Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University. 
2.The professors of the Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University (including former professors)
3.The others who are admitted by all of the regular directors

Article 5 Directors
The officers of association is as follows; 
A chairperson, A few deputy chairpersons, A few directors, 2 auditors
The term of directors is 2 years. However, it could be reappointed (Maximum number of terms for the chairperson is two ). Chairperson is representative of the association and shall preside over all affairs of the association. The deputy chairpersons shall assist the chairperson and temporarily assumes his/her duties if he/she is unable to attend his/her duties.
The council is composed of the chairperson, the deputy chairpersons, the directors and the auditors. The directors can commission a few executive directors in the directors by mutual election. The executive directors engage in the daily affairs of the association. The auditors inspect the accounting of the association.

Article 6 Operation
The council deliberates important affairs for operating in order to decide operation plans. Regarding especially important matters, it should be asked to the general association.
The association can put brunches according to the need. 
The council can put secretaries for specified groups, for example, group for generations or area. The council could be held on at any time by approval of chairperson. The general meeting is held an annual year. However, an extraordinary general meeting could be held by approval of chairperson. The following cases should be discussed with the general meeting. The decision at the general meeting is due to majority voting by attendees. 

1.Selection of directors 
2.Establishment and alteration of regulations
3.Decision of budget and approval of financial account
4.Contribution of membership fee and imposing method
5.Other particularly important matters

Article 7 Amendment of Regulations
In case the amendment of the regulations is necessary for managing of the association, it is decided by discussion of the members.

Article 8 Expenses
The expense of the association is devoted with member fee, donation, and other incomes.

Article 9 Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the association begins on April 1st every year and ends on March 31st of the following year.





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