● Greeting from the Chairperson

Hiroyoshi Fujiwara (October 27th, 2018)

I, Hiroyoshi Fujiwara, was elected as a chairperson of the Graduate School of Management (GSM) Alumni Association from the Alumni General Meeting of GSM, Kyoto University in 2018. The GSM Alumni Association is a student organization which has been established under a unifying emphasis to continually support the GSM, Kyoto University and the GSM Alumni Association. Mr. Omori, former chairperson of the GSM Alumni Association, was highly committed to work to advance the GSM Alumni Association capabilities and improvements. I will continue his outstanding work in the development of the GSM Alumni Association and focus on the following three initiatives at my term of office for next two years.

1 Network Our alumni, with different backgrounds and experiences, live and work across the world. It is difficult to maintain their networks. Our challenge is to help and create opportunities for alumni connect with one another through collaboration with the graduates of Executive Education Program and strengthen the networks with oversea alumni.

2 Work to Advance the GSM of Kyoto University Thanks to Mr. Omori’s efforts and commitments, the GSM Alumni Association is capable to support Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University. We will strengthen our support by maximizing alumni networks to provide guest lecturers, seminars and internships. Furthermore, we aim to build a system that can finance the facilities for the Kyoto University and financial aids for scholarships.

3 Publish Information We contributed to the development of the GSM of Kyoto University through our activities. We believe that our contribution to the GSM of Kyoto University is imperative for the growth of both the GSM Alumni Association and Kyoto University, and will create more value for our network. In order to strengthen and create more opportunities for alumni, we will increase the number of activities and publish more reports through our website and SNS.

We will further enhance the appeal of the GSM of Kyoto University and be remarkably dedicated to constantly serving as the connection between students and alumni.


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