MBA Program

Chief of Project Operations Management Program

Prof.Kawano blue back 2 Hirotaka KAWANO, Professor

【Specialized Fields】
Operation and Maintenance of Infrastructure

【Message】 The program aims at developing internationally minded, next generation leaders with a wide range of abilities regarding operational and technological aspects of projects, including large-scale ones associated with international development.The program offers lectures to nurture a variety of fundamental skills on financing, strategy development, organization control, and technology innovation. Practical capability on project operations management is also fostered through workshops that are part of this program. Scientific approaches can further be learned from engineering professors, which is a unique feature of the program.
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Chief of Finance & Accounting Program

isagawa finance Nobuyuki ISAGAWA, Professor

【Specialized Fields】
Corporate Finance, Valuation,Value-based management

【Message】 Class composition of MBA, Kyoto University, is highly diverse and international. You will learn business, finance, marketing, service and project management from the theoretical and practical viewpoints. See you at the campus.
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Chief of Business Leadership Program

suematsu business leadership Chihiro SUEMATSU, Professor

【Specialized Fields】
IT, Business Creation

【Message】 High ranking managers and future leaders of large scale enterprises, entrepreneurs of promising startups, successors of historical businesses in Kyoto, AI engineers of Kyoto University graduates; those are people that you can meet up and build a network with at this school. You would enjoy opportunities to make acquaintances with famous lecturers invited by the professors. During 2 years in Kyoto, a city with the best quality of life in the world, I encourage you to concentrate on broadening professional perspective and nurturing competitive power of scientific thinking with all of us to reach you career goal.
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Chief of Service & Hospitality Program

yamauchi service Yutaka YAMAUCHI, Associate Professor

【Specialized Fields】
Organization Theory, Ethnography, Ethnomethodology

【Message】 Service is a key source of value in the present society. The service sector accounts for the major part of the advanced economies and other sectors also incorporate the service model to create value. Nonetheless, service is a difficult concept and requires a distinct mindset. The Service and Hospitality Program trains professionals who can understand, manage, innovate and create such service.
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Chief of Tourism and Hospitality Management Course

wakabayashi naoki tourism and hospitality Naoki WAKABAYASHI, Professor

【Specialized Fields】
Organization Behavior, Human Resources Management, Network Organization

【Message】 The Tourism and Hospitality Management course aims to learn the ways of management, marketing and innovation in tourism industries and destinations, which become more attractive and profitable in the management perspective in Kyoto, the best tourism city in the world.
We encourage three following types of people to join and study here; (1) managers and executives in tourism industries, (2) those in destination management organization and departments in local and national governments, and (3) entrepreneurs who wants to start new business in tourism industries. In this course, students learn basic management knowledge and explore business methods in tourism.
We would like to develop excellent management abilities in tourism business and destination management, in order to support national challenge of developing the world class destination areas of Japanese Government.
【Activities】 Activity Database on Education and Research, Kyoto University

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