Collaborative Research Chair for Securities Investment

April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2021


Kyoto Labo・Norinchukin Value Investments Co.,Ltd


There are two goals of this course. One is research and development on long-term equity investment. The other is to utilize the results for educational activities.
Specifically, as a first step, we select excellent and growing companies from the perspective of long-term investment. Next, we create new stock price indices based on the selected companies.
These new indices will contribute for improving investment performance of pension funds and investment trusts. This improvement also contributes for society as Kyoto University.
Furthermore, we would like to make future targets to add ESG's point of view to the indices. In addition, we can earn rewards from pensions and   investment trusts using the indices. By utilizing this remuneration, it becomes possible to foster young academics and enhance educational activities in the field of finance.



Hidetaka KAWAKITA (Distinguished Professor)
Yasuyuki KATO (Adjunct Professor)
Nobuyuki ISAGAWA (Professor)
Shotaro MINAMI (Adjunct Associate Professor)

 2016unit 4

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