Kanako AKAGI

 Service and Hospitality Program: M2 2018-2019


akagi 2The Reason Why I Chose GSM 

I was at a turning point in my life when I was in my 40’s, because I could not find anything new to be truly passionate about from the bottom of my heart. Over the 20 years of my career, I had experienced "business full course", such as being an office worker, working at my father's company and starting my own business. As I had accomplished what I wanted to do in life, I was seeking new possibilities. Therefore, I tried to rethink my business and career goals by studying at GSM. I thought GSM was the best place to meet people who have an entrepreneurial spirit and unique point of view. Also, GSM has a global academic network and unique professors teach many interesting classes. Thus, I chose GSM for a great opportunity to discover new possibility.

What is GSM?

Thanks to GSM’s worldwide connections with various countries and regions, your personal networks and ideas will grow boundlessly if you proactively engage in many activities here. GSM is such an exciting school. For example, I founded a new club which is called "Kyoto University Women's Entrepreneurship Club". This is a place where women who want to become entrepreneurs can share business ideas. The members can support their businesses by engaging with each other globally. Now, not only foreign and Japanese students at GSM can join this club, OG members can also participate. In addition, I joined the Design School, where I participated in study trips to Hong Kong and Okinawa as part of its curriculum, learning a lot about how to solve the complex social problems using design thinking. Through these experiences, I realized that there are so many future opportunities that I had never thought about before.

The prospect of your future

I found a new carrier passion supporting female entrepreneurs at GSM. Women usually struggle more with the balance between work and family compared to men and it is harder to find an ideal role model. Therefore, I made an online community which is called "Heroine Power" for women. The members can share their ideas to maximize their happiness in life and enjoy profitable business. Also, members can find a good role model here. I want to make a greater contribution to society by developing this online community that can be useful as guide for women. I will try to expand it globally in the future.

akagi 4


The subject which you recommends 

- Human Resource Management (Prof. Tomoki Sekiguchi)
- Traditional Kyoto and Tourism (Prof. Yoshikazu Maegawa)
- Critical Thinking (Prof. Yasunaga Wakabayashi)
- Organization and Community Design (Prof. Yutaka Yamauchi)

FBL/PBLDesign School program

Schedule of the day *One day example

- 7:00 Wake up and have breakfast with my family.
- 10:30~12:00 Participate in “Organization and Community Design” class.
- 12:00~13:00 Lunch with a graduate student who has different major, to discuss global health and local communities.
- 13:00~14:30 Participate in “Global Social Entrepreneur” class.
- 15:00~ Stop in the Study Room and discuss new business ideas with foreign students.
- 16:30~ Meet with a professor, coincidentally at cafe on campus and discuss about my research content.
- 18:30~ Dinner with classmates and a professor to exchange opinions.

akagi 1

Schedule of the week 

How to use my time differed greatly in my first and second years. I wanted to simultaneously work and take care of my son even though I had become a student of GSM. In my first year, I wrote my second book while not only taking classes in my major, but also attending other graduate lectures that I was interested in. However, there was so much homework that year, that I seriously struggled to juggle my time. I was able to overcome this busy situation with support from my husband and parents. Thus, in the first term, I suggest you take only basic subjects because it is easier to achieve balance work and/or child care. Another effective method to balance your schedule is by getting all the intensive courses out of the way. Since I had all the credit except for my workshop in the second year, I took time for my research and participated in Kyoto University’s Design School curriculum. It is no exaggeration to say that GMS dominated most of my time in the first year, however school life was very fulfilling.

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Message for Candidates 

Everything was fresh and exciting at GSM. I was able to greatly boost my career because I discovered many possibilities in my life and create a new business at GSM. Before I became a student of GSM, I was proud of having a diverse background, such as that of an entrepreneur, a writer, a mother, etc., however, my network at GSM is now much bigger and more affluent than ever. Lectures have inspired me, professors have given me great advice from their deep knowledge and classmates have given me new insight through group work. The new passion that I have found through GSM has become the driving force of my life. I hope you also find your new passion and possibilities as you accumulate knowledge through campus life.

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