Tourism and Hospitality Management Course: M2


nishioka 2019 photoThe Reason Why I Chose GSM 

I saw the news about a new MBA program of GSM starting from 2018 that focuses on Tourism and Hospitality Management while I had been building on my career in the hotel industry. The reasons why I chose GSM:
1.MBA program specialized in Tourism and Hospitality Management is rare in Japan.
2.To cultivate my future career path by gaining an integrated perspective on Tourism and Hospitality industries that consist of various industrial sectors and stakeholders.
3.To learn theories and practices of management focusing on Tourism and Hospitality in Kyoto- a world-famous tourist destination.


What is GSM?

GSM provides me many intellectually stimulating courses by wonderful professors and the wide variety of resources such as libraries and electronic journals. In addition, students have diverse backgrounds such as CEOs, entrepreneurs and international students, and the discussion in diverse environment facilitates intellectual curiosity and new networks.


The prospect of your future

I am interested in the research about revenue management techniques, especially for the overall maximization and optimization of economic and social benefits in the region through management of Tourism and Hospitality industries. I would like to work in tourism industries or destination management after graduation.


The subject which you recommends

Destination Management: A fieldwork at World-heritage site educated me what is needed for destination marketing organization.
 Business Strategy in Hospitality and Tourism: I learned the process of business development, asset management and investment of hospitality industry such as hotels.


Schedule of the day

8:45~14:30 classes
14:30~17:00 assignment and study
18:00~21:00 classes at Campus Plaza Kyoto



Schedule of the week

Mon-Thu: classes, tutoring, meetings for groupwork
Fri-Sun: assignment, reports, and study


Message for Candidates

I resigned my job in order to move on the next stage of education, MBA. Learning at GSM provides me new perspectives and networks with distinguished professors and students. I am focusing on learning in these precious two years to cultivate my future career path and self-growth. GSM offers you the perfect environment. Please enjoy your valuable two years at GSM with excellent professors and students.

Contact Us

Kyoto University Graduate School of Management Administrative Office

Yoshida Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Kyoto 606-8501, Japan