Course List 2015

Through the utilization of a management education/research base which combines the humanities and sciences, the Graduate School of Management offers a balanced curriculum of practical and high advanced studies for the purpose of nurturing professionals who will be able to take part in diverse international fields. The curriculum includes the four categories of basic, specialized, practical business and advanced subjects. Students will mainly take basic and specialized subjects in their first year, and practical business and advanced subjects in their second year.

LIST OF OFFERED SUBJECTS in 2015 Academic year

Category Subject
Basic Microeconomics
Governance, Risk Management & Compliance
Statistics for Business and Economics
Business Negotiation
Mathematics for Business and Economics
Corporate Finance and Capital Markets
Project Management
Specialized Subjects Firms & Industrial Organization in Japan
International Accounting
Development Management
Transportation and Logistics Management
Policy Evaluation
Advanced Topics in Negotiation
Overseas Project Management Seminar
Business Modeling and Design
Maintenance&Management of Infrastructure
Strategic Management
Financial Management
Development Policy Perspective
Game Theory
Cross Cultural Management
Organization and Management
International Agribusiness Studies
Cross Cultural Management
Organization and Management
International Agribusiness Studies
Japanese Economic History
Contract Management and Dispute Resolution
Comparative Business Ethics
Global Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Business Practice Subjects Risk Management & Finance
Supply Chain Management
Project Finance
Turnaround Management
International Internship
International Mega Project Management
Disaster Prevention & Recovery Management
Strategic Service Management
Advanced Subjects International Project Management Workshop I
International Project Management Workshop II

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