* Please be advised that this is FAQ for International MBA Program (i-BA/i-PM) Admission. The other courses are different, so please refer to the guidelines/FAQ for the other courses.


Q - Does International Program start only in April?

We only accept April intake.

Q - Is there any short programs or part-time programs?

No. We offer only 2 years full time programs.

Q - Do I have to contact a professor(s) before applying? 

No. We do NOT accept you to contact any professors before applying. Therefore, please do NOT contact them.

Q - I am interested in both International MBA Program (i-BA/i-PM) and KC-CDO. Can I apply for both?

No. You may not apply for both of them. If you would like to apply for KC-CDO, Please check the program.




 [ Preliminary Eligibility Screening ] *Please read the guideline first.

Q -  What is the preliminary eligibility screening?

This screening is to examine whether we accept the applicants who do NOT match the other eligibilities to apply for the admission.
Therefore, if you match one of "3, Application Eligibility Requirement and Preliminary Eligibility Screening" (1)-(8) requirement, you are NOT required to do the procedure.
Only if you match (9) or (10) need to apply preliminary eligibility screening. 
However, if you are not sure whether you match one of the requirements, please apply for "Preliminary Eligibility Screening".
As we mentioned on the guidelines, the screening is to confirm if the applicants have the eligibility or not.
[ Required Documents ]

Q - Are applicants required to submit GMAT or GRE?

Only for i-BA applicants required to submit GMAT or GRE.
Therefore, i-PM applicants are NOT required to submit it.
Q - I do not have GMAT or GRE score. Can I apply for i-BA?
Yes. You can apply without them for i-BA.
However, please note that GMAT or GRE score will be recorded as zero points if no submission, as we mentioned on the guidelines.

Q - Do I need to submit the original undergraduate (expected) graduation certification? 

Yes, as you can see on the guidelines 4.(4), you are required to submit ORIGINAL transcript and undergraduate (expected) graduation certification. If you cannot get the original documents, we also accept the photocopy of them with the official seal or signature (original or electric one only) from your university.
Only graduates from universities where certificates of completion are not provided must submit a photocopy of the original diploma which shows the completion date of your bachelor's degree.

Q - Do you return the original documents to me? 

If you would like us to return the original documents (transcript and graduation certification), please write it on "Notes" of Form 5: Check List or contact us.

 [ English Scores ]

Q - I am graduated from an English-taught Couse of a university. Do I need to submit a score of TOEFL or IELTS?

If you can submit a certificate that your course was taught in English from your university, you are not required to submit the score.

Q - I have only old IELTS score ( Date is 5 years ago) now. I have took a new test few weeks ago but I am able to receive the result after the GSM application deadline. Could you accept my old score? 

In this case please send us the photocopy of your old IELTS score with other required documents by post. And please send us the copy of the newest test report by email (pdf) as soon as possible after you got the result.

 Q - May I ask applicant's average English scores?

I am afraid that the average/minimum/maximum scores is closed information.




 [ AAO System ]

Q - I am from China. Do I need to do AAO Online Application before submitting the required documents?

You are not required to do it in advance. Instead of that, you are required to submit the photocopies of the diploma (毕业证书) and the degree certification (学士学位证书). Same as the graduates from universities in China.




 [ Application Fee Payment ]

Q - I cannot pay by credit card and I live out of Japan. How can I pay the application fee?

Please contact us (Administrative Office) by designated deadline which mentions on the guideline.
We will inform the procedures about bank transfer.
 [ Selection Procedures ]

Q - How are the successful applicants selected?

Our selection process is “Document Evaluation”, based on the submitted documents. Therefore, you are not required to come to Kyoto, Japan for the examination.

Q - How can the applicants know the result?

We will announce the successful application number on the website as we mentioned on the admission guidelines.
Please be advised that we would not announce before announcement day. Successful applicants also receive an“acceptance letter” by postal mail later.
Telephone and email inquiries will not be answered.
 [ Doctoral Program ]

Q - I would like to enroll in Doctoral program. How can I apply for that?

Unfortunately, we do not have a Doctoral program in English. Only in Japanese is available.
If you would like to enroll the Japanese course, you are required to have JLPT N1.
The information about our Doctor program is HERE (in Japanese).



If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us >>> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.