[ ADB-JSP Scholarship ] 

First of all, please check ADB-JSP Scholarship website.


Q - Does Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University recruit any ADB-JSP scholars this year?

We will announce whether we recruit any ADB-JSP Scholars for this year or not on the admission guidelines.


Q - I am an applicant for i-BA. Can I apply for ADB-JSP scholarship?

No. Only applicants for i-PM (International Project Management Program) are eligible to apply for ADB-JSP scholarship.


Q - Do I need to send ADB-JSP scholarship required documents before apply i-PM application?

No. Please submit the required documents with the applications of i-PM by the same deadline.
We will not accept if you send us only ADB-JSP scholarship required documents in advance by post or email.


Q -  How many students can obtain ADB-JSP scholarship?

Only 5 students in all kyoto University. (Number of Kyoto University students are 22,785)
For your reference, past record of Graduate School of Management students are below.
2016..0 / 2017..2 / 2018..1 / 2019..1



 [ MEXT Scholarship ] 

Q - I am applying for MEXT Scholarship. What procedures are required?

First of all, we are announced by MEXT that we CANNOT accept the applicants to contact us BEFORE they pass the first screening (= primarily screening) of the scholarship.
Please contact us (GSM Administrative Office, NOT our faculty members) with the certificate AFTER passing the first screening.
However, if you would like to enroll as a regular student of International Programs (i-BA & i-PM),
you are also required to apply for the admission as the screening of MEXT scholarship and the screening of International Programs Admission are totally different.


Q - Do I need to contact professors before applying for MEXT ?

No. You do not need to contact our professors BEFORE passed the first screening.
Please contact us (GSM Administrative Office) again with the certificate of the first screening.


Q - May I ask selection process of MEXT?

Please ask the Embassy of Japan in your country. We do NOT handle the application at all.



 [ Other Opportunity ] 



If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us >>> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.