Finance and Accounting Program (one and half year track) : M2 2018-2019
-2019 Spring~ Ph.D. Program

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The Reason Why I Chose GSM

Because I wanted to recharge my academic background on the basis of my professional career over the past two decades, a shorter 1.5-year MBA course fits my motivation. Such an efficient and intensive program motivates me to be a practitioner with a first-class specialty that GSM aims at developing in its programs. I also looked forward to going through the depth, history and diversities of Kyoto University and city of Kyoto and I am now enjoying them in reality.

What is GSM?

As GSM provides us with a variety of resources and classes available, we will be able to go through as many management edges and wisdoms as we are eager to. As examples, we can take classes ranging from logistics management, IoT society, and financial engineering to human resource management. In addition, with more international students, we will be able to learn diversity through group work, which is one of the most key factors for professionals to survive in upcoming years. These elements do not seem to be easily available in some other MBA courses.

The prospect of your future

As I come from a financial institution, I think I will be back to the financial world – either in risk management related position in a financial institution or as a consultant to give services to financial institutions as clients.
 With a good academic backbone enhanced in GSM, I would like to be a manager with both good academic and professional career background to bridge academism and vocation.

The subject which you recommends

Portfolio Theory provides us with not only those theories comprehensively but also practical use of advanced approach of Excel calculation using determinants and vectors.
 Management Strategy is one of the outstanding classes for GSM students, which will give you basic but quite broad insights toward management strategies through homework assigned almost every week.
 Value Management is given by a prominent strategic consultant who will surprise you with his enthusiasm and practical erudition on business as well as cultural matters.

Schedule of the day

Took two to three classes, including Basic Subjects, a day in the 1st year and tackled homework assignments during hours between classes.

Schedule of the week

Took two to three classes a day from Monday through Friday in the 1st year, bringing more homework to tackle on the weekend. Then you may feel yourself to be a bit smarter week by week. I take only a few classes but am more engaged in Workshop assignment in the last semester. I am spending more hours throughout weeks to complete the final report of the assignment with professor's hands-on advice.  If we look for a further research on our own, findings and tips obtained through the Workshop research activity will be valuable.

Message for Candidates

Kyoto University is not only a great brand in Japan but gives us a plenty of resources, a variety of classes and teachers with profound insights beneath the campus. Therefore, if you want, you can also extend your curiosity to something provided by classes of other faculties most of which are available to GSM students. Given an excellent environment that may stimulate you, all you shall do is to actively engage yourself in something interesting. You may be able to see much more than you expect.


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