Mr. Shimizu had a special lecture at Case Study Seminar Room on the third floor of Research Building No.2 on 7 July, 2016 hosted by Graduate School of Management and Mizuho Securities Endowment.

In this lecture, Mr. Shimizu delivered a talk titled “Lessons and Insights from Sushiro’s Global Business Transactions” and talked about the strengths of Sushiro’s corporate management with its steadily growing sales and overseas expansion strategies.

During the lecture, Mr. Shimizu led group works in order for the students to resolve issues related to Sushiro’s overseas expansion. The students learnt firsthand how “Real Global Business” works through the discussion. Furthermore, Mr. Shimizu encouraged students to actively pursue their dreams in order to succeed in business and in life. Student appreciated highly this very instructive session.

The lecture was successfully completed with 36 attendees from the Graduate School of Management (GSM) and from the Graduate School of Economics (GSE), Kyoto University.

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Mr. Keita Shimizu, Managing Director of Corporate Planning Department, Akindo Sushiro Co., Ltd.

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