The Conference on Transformation of Global and Japanese Business in Digital Age Dates was hosted by GSM-KU successfully on February 28 and 29, 2020 at Yoshida Campus. The local host was Associate Professor Will Baber.
 This Conference explored how business transformations taking place in Japan are influenced by the current waves of digital revolution and how the transformation impacts and is impacted by Japanese traditions and culture. The Conference also investigated the adoption of digital technologies globally and in Japan while drawing insights from cross-cultural experiences.
 This Conference took place in the context of the edited book “Transforming Japanese Business: Rising to the Digital Challenge” published by Springer, released in January 2020 (
 Keynote speakers and presenters spoke in four sessions which were summarized by GSM students, U. Garajali, H. Khan, M. Takatsuji, A. Allayarov, and research student S. Hamid.
 About 30 participants joined each day. Speakers and participants included international scholars, policy makers and practitioners travelling from Denmark, Greece, and Canada alongside a strong group of speakers from Japan.
 Innovation is seen as a key area for business success regarding digital transformation. The speakers at the conference shared cases and approaches and examined the preparedness and ability of the Japanese economy to embrace these changes.

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