On October 8th, we had a special lecture “ZEN”- Philosophy, Practice and Innovation, by Daiko MATSUYAMA, the Deputy Head Priest of Taizoin.

He talked about Zen and Japanese culture in this lecture where the core teaching of Zen is simplicity. He also mentioned Omotenashi – Japanese hospitality together with the sense of beauty in Kyoto. The value of such beauty comes from asymmetry, wabi sabi (natural phenomenon such as aging and imperfection), etc.

After his talk, “leadership with a hospitality mindset” from a ZEN perspective has discussed, followed by the students experienced “ZAZEN” on site/online. Doing “ZAZEN” listening to the sound of pouring rain was precious experience and we hope everyone participated to this class could find innovative hospitality mindset. The lecture ended on a high note.

Please refer to the website for more information regarding Innovative Hospitality Management and KC-CDO (Kyoto-Cornell International Collaborative Degree Opportunity)


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◆Daiko MATSUYAMA, the Deputy Head Priest of Taizoin


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