This seminar was held as the first of three collaborative seminars between the Graduate School of Management and Konkuk University under the theme of “Creativity”. Four researchers from each country, Japan and Korea, gave presentations of their research.

At the start of the seminar, Graduate School of Management Dean Kiyoshi Kobayashi thanked Korea for the tremendous support following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Session 1 had the theme, “Creative City” and Graduate School of Management Professors Kiyoshi Kobayashi (Dean) and Gautam Ray gave a lecture on Urban Policy for Entrepreneurship, and Regional Study Governance/Foundations of Creative Cities. The points that were actively discussed in this session were: looking at cities from the historical perspective, how creativity has emerged and how is it maintained or developed; and how to promote voluntary organization which is based on the spirit of enterprise.

Session 2 had the theme, “Creativity in Organizations”, and Associate Professor Yoshikazu Maegawa gave a presentation on the promotion of innovative thinking within organizations. Professor Maegawa’s presentation gave examples from electronic appliance makers in Japan, and there were also responses from the Korean presenters regarding examples in Korea.

Session 3 had the theme, “Creativity Business and Management”, and Professor Yoshinori Hara gave a lecture on the creativity and possibilities of continuity for long standing (traditional) Japanese businesses. The characteristics of long standing Japanese businesses, and management beliefs of Kyoto and Osakan businesses seemed to be very interesting to the audience. There were also discussions on the definition of long standing businesses in Korea, in addition to discussions on the differences between Japanese and Korean businesses.

All of the presentations and question/answer sessions of the 8 presenters were conducted in English, and there were active discussions and questions from faculty, students and business persons who attended the seminar. The business economic development/possibilities for continuity based on creativity is a topic of great interest to both Japan and Korea, resulting in a very successful seminar. The second collaborative seminar will take place in the next academic year at the Graduate School of Management. There are possibilities and discussions of joint research of long standing businesses and business models, making this collaboration between the two universities something to look forward to.


Professor Yoshinori Hara speaking about long standing businesses and Kyoto


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View of Seminar

Konkuk University Vice President (left) and GSM participants



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