I.General Information

The Graduate School of Management at Kyoto University will held an International Symposium on Service Innovation on the 29th of November, 2013.
The main themes of the symposium are creative service creation and producers in the creative industry. As in recent years, creative industries, including content, tourism, restaurant and other service industries, globally get recognized as new providers of creative services, the high level of their creativity is seen as a new source of competitive advantage. Under the influences of digitalization, spread of social media, and the unique structure of the service economy, the strategies, capabilities, and performance of producers gain a key importance. These creators and producers acquire, combine, and transform knowledge, technologies and cultural resources, which are both distributed in a global market and embedded in Asian cultural contexts, by successfully managing their international networks. It is important to understand how producers manage their creativity in their international production networks. In this symposium, we aim to understand the forefront of this research field by focusing on producers who lead Asia-wide service innovation, and discuss the practical implications with prominent figures from industry, putting an emphasis on the international competitive strength of Asian producers.

II.Session Schedule

Session 1.
"Research Frontiers of New Leadership of Producers in Globalized Creative Industries" (in English)
Chair: Naoki Wakabayashi (Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University)

1. Keynote Speech
"Digital Disruption in Creative Industries: Implications for Leadership"
--Robert DeFillippi (Professor, Suffolk University, USA)

2. Panelist Presentation
"Mapping the Talent Networks: The Cross-strait Audiovisual Content Collaboration between Taiwan and Mainland China"
--Hsiao-Ling Chung (Assistant Professor, Institute of Creative Industry Design, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)

"The Institutionalization of Globalization Strategy in the Korean Cultural Industries: Actors, Practices, and Co-Evolution among Multiple Fields"
--Dong Youb Shin (Professor School of Business, Yonsei University, South Korea)

"Marketing Strategy of Japanese Firms in Asia: From the Perspective of Creative Industry Corporate Producers"
--Jinichiro Yamada (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business, Osaka City University)

3.Panel Discussion
"How Producers in Asian Creative Industries Manage Creativity?"by all

Session 2
Introduction to research at Kyoto University (in Japanese)
1. Service Design: Preliminary Report from Kyoto University Design School"
--Yutaka Yamauchi (Lecturer, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University)

2. New Service Business Case in Kyoto University Business Case
"Globalization of Edomae Sushi and the Change in the Role of the Oyakata Sushi Masters"
--Satoko Suzuki & Kosuke Takamura (Lecturer & Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University)

Session 3.
"What are Authentic and Creative Management Practices of Asian Producers?" (in Japanese)
Chair: Yoshinori Hara (Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University)

1. Introduction
"What Kind of Producers Do We Need?"
--Naoki Wakabayahi (Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University)

2. Panelist Presentation
"Producers in the Japanese Animation Industry and Prospects for Expanding into Asian Markets"
--Kenji Uchida (President, Sunrise Inc.)

"Producing Cityscapes"
--Hiroki Katsuna (Landscape Architect and President, E-DESIGN Inc.)

"Pixar Way of Producers"
--Daisuke Tsutsumi (Art Director, PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS)

"How to Train and Develop Successful Producers?"
--Shinichi Hirose (Adjunct Associate Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University)

3. Panel Discussion
"The International Strength of Creativity Management of Asian Producers"by all


November 29, 2013, Friday, 13:00-17:50


Inamori Hall, Shiran Kaikan (International Conference Hall)
11-1 Yoshida-Ushinomiya-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8302, Japan
Phone +81 75-771-0958


Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University


Collaborative Graduate Program in Design at Kyoto University Design School/
Kyoto Business Research Center /


Kyoto Prefecture/Kyoto City/Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Kyoto Information Industry Association/Society for Serviceology/Society of Global Business/Sunrise Inc.


Session 1 in English and Session 2 & 3 in Japanese. We may provide wireless simultaneous interpretation service if requested.

IX.Admission Fee.

No admission fee is required and it is open to the general public. However, we may provide around 100 seats for participants from outside university. Please make reservation of your seats by our registration desk by following e-mail.

X.Main coordinator

Naoki Wakabayashi (Professor, Graduate School of Business, Kyoto University)


You may register via email (info-svc[@]gsm.kyoto-u.ac.jp) until the 22nd of November by providing the following six items of information:

1. Name
2. Name written in Latin characters (if name is written with Chinese characters)
3. Occupation (name of organization or university)
4. Email address
5. Phone number (if applicable)
6. Request for simultaneous interpretation in English (if applicable; Kyoto University students cannot use it)

(Students from the Graduate School of Management wishing to register should
proceed according to the direction provided internally by the school)

XII.Notes for Overseas Participants

Please note that, apart from the main contributors, the Graduate School of Management at Kyoto University cannot provide assistance with travelling to and from Japan, finding accommodation, or acquiring a travel visa. You should also note that at the given period, it is the peak of autumn foliage season, so most hotels in Kyoto City are already packed with visitors. You might want to book a hotel room as soon as possible. Also, it might be easier to find a reasonably priced hotel room in Osaka, instead of the tourist city of Kyoto. Nevertheless, if you have any questions regarding the symposium, we will try to answer as promptly as we can!


Service Value Creation Management Program,
Graduate School of Business, Kyoto University

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