Oxford University Press has published the Oxford Handbook of Business Groups that represents an outcome of international research organized by Associate Professors Asli M. Colpan and Takashi Hikino of the Graduate School of Management.

Since 2007, Professors Colpan and Hikino in collaboration with Jim Lincoln of the University of California at Berkeley, have worked with an international group of scholars on a research project on business groups, a prominent form of firm organization especially in emerging markets. Mizuho Securities Co. has continuously supported this project through its endowed chair at the Graduate School of Management. Oxford University Press has just brought forth the Oxford Handbook of Business Groups, which stands as a product of this international research. The Handbook represents the first volume in the esteemed series in human and social sciences that comes out of a Japanese university. The research project will evolve into a more comprehensive understanding of the evolution of business organizations, whose results are scheduled to be published in 2013.


Format: Hardback 752 pp. 171 mm x 246 mm

ISBN-10: 019955286X

ISBN-13: 9780199552863

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