The Graduate School of Management (GSM) has established an academic cooperation and exchange agreement with Indian Institute of Technology Delhi on June 20, 2016. The agreement was signed by the GSM Dean Yasunaga Wakabayashi and Professor Sushil of IIT Dehli.
Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) specializes in science and engineering,is the overall name of the National University in 16 schools located in various parts of India.
Among them, IIT Dehli is one of the top universities in India and it has been positioned as a research institution that had a national significance. The height of the research level of the university has also been internationally recognized.
The agreement was initiated by Professor Gautam Ray of the GSM Faculty and Professor Sushil of IIT Dehli, aiming improvement of education and research level of both universities.

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Prof.Gautam Ray and Prof.Sushi

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Prof. Sushil and Asian Business Leader Project professors

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