2010.04.13 Five Educational Programs Adapted to the Demands of the Times

In addition to the three educational programs created to respond to the current needs and conditions of the Japanese economy, the Graduate School of Management now offers two additional programs, the Finance and Accounting Program from the 2008 academic year and the Service Value Creation Program from the 2010 academic year.

• Business Creation and Revitalization Program

This program aims to cultivate human resources with abilities in business creation and business revitalization management. Students will be educated in specialized knowledge that will become the basis for starting up new businesses in such areas as biotechnology, nanotechnology and information technology, and knowledge that will help revitalize faltering businesses. Specifically, the goal of this program is to cultivate the following human resources: managers or management executives of venture businesses, venture capitalists, management consultants strong in the areas of business startup, specialists for business revitalization in the financial and private sectors, and business professionals that support such specialists engaging in business revitalization projects through funding.

• Project Operations Management Program

This program corresponds to projects of temporal cooperation between organizations (business teams) established in order to achieve a certain goal in projects such as large-scale international projects, development of new technologies, and development of information systems. Project managers who manage these projects are recognized as very important human resources in the modern business world. For this reason, this program aims at cultivating international-minded project managers with diverse management capabilities by developing their management abilities in such areas as financial management, finance, strategy management, and organizational management.

• Financial Risk Management Program

In being educated in the newest financial knowledge through analyzing financial markets and designing and developing financial products, students in this program will gain the fundamental knowledge and analysis ability necessary to be able to manage financial risk. This program aims at cultivating fund managers, analysts, and financial experts in the private sector and government institutions.

• Finance and Accounting Program

This program aims to cultivate specialists who possess the combined knowledge in both areas of finance/financial technology, and accounting, and is suited for those with specialized certifications such as certified public accountants and securities analysts, or those with specialized careers in accounting/finance. The program will produce highly advanced professionals that will play active roles in the private sector or NPOs. Certified public accountants strong in finance and financial experts strong in accounting will be nurtured by developing specialized knowledge in areas that overlap both finance and accounting In addition, practicing certified public accountants, tax accounts and securities analysts may apply for the one and half year program, which starts in October.

• Service Value Creation Program

This program aims to nurture leading professionals in the advanced service industry who will provide higher values by improving manufacturing through innovation. This program will offer a specialized curriculum in service to educate management personnel who understand, place an importance on and have a mindset for the development/foundation of service skills and competence. In a time where new service value creation is in demand, this program aims to nurture individuals possessing a high level of knowledge and specialization in service, and those who will contribute to the improvement of manufacturing through innovation.

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