2014.9.5 Frontiers of Service-Dominant Logic and Future Research Directions

On Sept. 5, "Frontiers of Service-Dominant Logic and Future Research Directions" Symposium was held by the Graduate School of Management. The symposium discussed current state and future directions to advance theories on Service-Dominant Logic. As a key note speaker, Prof. Stephen L. Vargo (University of Hawaii) presented the latest thinking on S-D Logic. Prof. Chieko Minami (Kobe University) and Associate Prof. Yoshinori Fujikawa (Hitotsubashi University) presented their research applying S-D Logic. Panel discussion followed, including Prof. Yoshinori Hara (Kyoto University), to discuss on the issues of service research and future directions. About 50 academic researchers have participated the symposium.

ヴァルゴ minami
Keynote Speech of Professor Stephen L. Vargo (University of Hawaii)  Lecture of Professor Chieko Minami (Kobe University) 
fujikawa  会場
Lecture of Professor Yoshinori Fujikawa (Hitotsubashi University)   Audience listening to the lecture
Panel discussion   

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