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April 1, 2016 ‒ March 31, 2017



Japan Travel and Tourism Association



In the last couple of years, the increase of foreign visitors to Japan has been far beyond expectation. One of the targets like 20 million visitors in 2020, the year of the second Tokyo Olympic games, was almost achieved in as early as 2015. Thus, the tourism draws unprecedented attention as the next leading industry.

Notwithstanding, there is room for improvement, for example; Japan has not yet addressed the maximum potential of attracting visitors in terms of world standards; the infrastructure and mindset of entertaining foreign visitors are far from adequate. Not only inbound trips but also outbound and domestic tours of by Japanese people should be encouraged and promoted.

This program will invite individuals from the top levels of management in the tourism industry or academic institutions with the aim of providing lectures that will help students to understand the tourism industry from both the theoretical and practical perspectives and to be leaders who implement the changes in the tourism industry.



Lectures on Tourism Industry



Yoshikazu MAEGAWA (Associate Professor)

List of lecturers: Tourism Agency executive, Kyoto City Mayor, executives of airlines, executives of popular theme parks in the east and west of Japan, a general manager of a Japanese-style hotel in Kyoto, and a  hospitality business consultant, etc.



Lecture by Universal Studios Japan Marketing Department Director, Taku Murayama (Left),

Kyoto City Mayor, Daisaku Kadokawa (Right)

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