City and Town Management by Public-Private Partnerships

April 2014 - March 2020

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【Research Aim】
Many cities in Japan are now facing a decline in population and it is said the time of“ city development” is gone, and the time of“ city management” is coming. Our research aim is a research & survey, an education and the spreading of information regarding the strategy to solve the problems occurring in each area, in order to enhance and to maintain local economic power and values by public and private partnerships.

A study of sharing by“ the Private” for“ the Public” in an age of city management :
- Toward the development of area based management - (November 12 ,2014, About 300 participants)
Area Based Management Relay Symposium in Japan
・The 1st Symposium : Area Based Management Symposium in Sapporo (September 10, 2015 About 160 participants)
・The 2nd Symposium: Area Based Management Symposium in Sendai-The Energy to Foster Towns - (December 15, 2015 About 200 participants)
・The 3rd Symposium: Area Based Management Symposium in Nagoya -The Power of Networks-(April 20, 2016 About 255 participants)

【Research Workshop】
City and Town Management by Public-Private Partnerships research workshop
In order to study area based management that is an autonomous work of improving environments and local values of each area, this workshop was constructed by professionals who come from the relevant private sectors, official, and academic areas. The workshop aims to proceed an area based management and to clarify the capability and identify the problem and solution by contributing to the sustainable advances of the cities in Japan.

Report on the City and Town Management by Public-Private Partnerships research workshop (July,2015)
Focusing on a proposal concerning future strategies of area based management, the report is composed of an analysis for the current state, a statistical effect analysis, and recommended policies of area based management.

Questionnaire survey about the implementation situation and the effect of the area
based management in Japan (2015.7 publication of the simple accumulation result)
The questionnaire survey was administered to 826 municipal districts that collaborated with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and Wakayama University.

An additional questionnaire on the actual performance state and its effect for
the area based management was also administered (2016.4 publication of the simple accumulation result)

Town and City Management (in the business management graduate school and public policy graduate school) The second class each Thursday.
Not only a lecture by the assigned lecturer, but also field work and a lecture by practitioner will be conducted.

Graduate school of Management
●Hiroyuki MATSUI (Professor)
●Yasushi YOSHIDA(Professor)
●Jun MITARAI (Adjunct Professor)
●Syuichi KAMATA (Adjunct Associate Professor)
●Moritaka SATO (Adjunct Associate Professor)

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