Service Excellence

April 2016 - March 2018
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NEC Corporation
In order to improve the competitiveness of the Japanese service industry that accounts for 70% of the Japanese gross domestic product (GDP), this program aims to (1) design a framework for social value co-creation together with industrial and government sectors, (2) promote activities to develop the "service creative people," and (3) conduct theoretical and empirical research on Japanese service excellence.Based on the above activities, we aim to become the international research and education service center. We will pursue a framework to build, implement, and promote new service theories from Japan to the world.
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 Yoshinori HARA (Professor)
 Satoshi SHIMADA (Assistant Professor)
 Kiyoshi KOBAYASHI (Professor)
 Yasunaga WAKABAYASHI (Professor)
 Naoki WAKABAYASHI (Professor)
 Katsumi EMURA (Adjunct Professor)
 Keiichiro SHIMADA (Adjunct Professor)
 Masami TAJIMA (Adjunct Professor)
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