METI program: Development of the Integrated Hospitality Educational Program


The service industry in Japan accounts for 70% of the Japanese GDP.
Human resource development for service management and innovation at university is highly important in order to increase the productivity and to enhance the competitiveness of the Japanese service industry. METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) has been supporting several University-Government-Industry collaborative activities, such as developing the professional and practical education program targeting next generation's managers who can create new innovation in service industry.

Our GSM is proactively promoting the "Development of the Integrated Hospitality Educational Program" as one of the solicited and adopted programs in 2016 by METI.

This program aims at the following things: (1) developing the original curriculum system based on our new concept of "Integrated Hospitality" to educate service managers, (2) increasing productivity of service industry by establishing the Japanese style hospitality as a distinctive brand (“Omotenashi” Hospitality Management and its globalization),  (3)enhancing regional revitalization and international competitiveness.

Specifically, our GSM develops the unique educational curriculum (6 new subjects) making a clear distinction from the general MBA program in the field of tourism, & hospitality, in addition to the GSM’s current curriculum ("Service Value Creation Program") and collaborating with not only domestic industries but also overseas business schools.



Kyoto University

- Leader

Yoshinori HARA (Dean)
Chiaki TANUMA (Adjunct Professor)
Senko IKENOBO (Adjunct Professor)
Kazuya ISHIO (Adjunct Professor)
Hyunjeong Spring Han (Associate Professor)
Takeshi TAKENAKA (Adjunct Associate Professor)

2016ih 11

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