Urban/Regional Management 


Sharing knowledge and collaborating with businesspeople, engineers and researchers (industrial/ governmental/academic) related to urban/regional management and cultivating the human resources that will support this field.



Community Business Committee

This is a research/education platform consisting of members from universities, businesses, residents, government and NPOs to discuss themes regarding business start-ups in the community. Research and educational activities are being expanded from the perspectives of two region employment, public relations, entrepreneurial approach, etc.



2004 Workshop on Social Capital and Development Trends in the Swedish and Japanese Countryside (Sweden: Ostersund, Umeå Kiruna etc)
2009-2013 International Workshop on Water Supply Management System and Social Capital (Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Malang)
2012-2013 U.S.-India-Japan Business Development Alliance (USINJA) Workshop (Washington, D.C.)
2014 International Conference on ASEAN Economic Integration (Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Laos)
2017 International Association of Maritime Economists Conference (Kyoto)




Tadashi YAMADA (Professor)
Kiyoshi KOBAYASHI (Distinguished Professor)
Masayuki TAKADA (Adjunct Professor)
Yuji TSUTSUI (Adjunct Professor)
Takeshi HONDA (Adjunct Professor)


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