2019.2.23-24 Social Fabrics Dialogues on Craftmanship and the Ethics of Design Between Italy and Japan

【Brief Overview】
The ambition of this event is to open the debate on the role of design and of small- to medium-sized business in defining social sustainability. A critical approach to the notion of sustainability seems particularly pressing in light of critical, systemic changes design and crafts need to respond to in order to survive. In discussing such topics, we wish to offer a platform where practitioners and business owners may meet, discuss, and build nurturing collaborations.

 February 23(sat)-24(sun), 2019

【Eligible Person】
 Practitioners,business owners and students who are interested in the theme

2/23(sat) -Multimedia Lecture Room, 3rd floor,Research Bldg. No.2
 2/24(sun) -Symposium hall, 5th floor, International Science Innovation Bldg.

【Leading Person】
 Associate Professor Yutaka Yamauchi

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【More Detail】

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