Road Asset Management Policy Chair

044tamura Keiichi TAMURA, Adjunct Professor

【Specialized Fields】
Infrastructure Management, Earthquake Engineering

【Subjects】 Maintenance & Management of Infrastructures
【Background】 Graduated from the University of Tokyo with Bachelor of Engineering, Doctor of Engineering from the University of Tokyo, Head of Ground Vibration Division, Public Works Research Institute, Former Ministry of Construction, Research Coordinator for Earthquake Engineering, Auditor of Japan Association of Asset Management, Director of Center for Advanced Engineering Structural Assessment and Research, Public Works Research Institute
【Publications】 Seismic Design of Geotechnical Works and Foundations, Japanese Geotechnical Society, 2001; Performance-based Seismic Design, Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering, 2006
【Message】 Japan is faced with very severe natural conditions, and the infrastructures that form the basis of our daily lives are rapidly aging. It is worthwhile to study how we manage social infrastructures from a viewpoint of leading a safe and secure life.

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