Honorary Faculty

kuno 20170316 Sachiko KUNO, Adjunct Professor

【Specialized Fields】
Drug discovery, Entrepreneurship, Social entrepreneurial ecosystem, Global leadership development

【Subjects】 Global entrepreneurship-SDGs as a theme-
Global Social Entrepreneurship-Leadership Style-
【Back ground】

Ph.D. in Biochemical engineering Kyoto University
International Business Management, Georgetown University
Co-Founder, R-Tech Ueno, Ltd.
Co-Founder, Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Co-Founder, VLP Therapeutics, LLC
Co-Founder, President and CEO, S&R Foundation
Founder and Chair, Halcyon Incubator
Co-Founder and Director, Phoenixi Co., Ltd.

【Message】 In recent years, I think the ability to solve global issues has weakened partially due to the change in the global political environment. In such a time, I think it is critical to develop social entrepreneurs who try to achieve both profit and social impact. I will invite lecturers from overseas who are actively practicing in the forefront of such social entrepreneurship, so please participate as a chance to hone up the ability to solve problems.

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