Yoshinori Hara 20170321 Yoshinori HARA Professor

Service and Hospitality Program
Project Operations Management Program
KC-CDO Course

【Specialized Fields】
Service Innovation, Service Value Creation Management, It & Knowledge Management

【Subjects】 Service Innovation Management, Service Modeling & Applying Strategy, Managing Innovation: From R&D towards New Business Development, and others.
【Background】 Received a B.E. and M.E. from the University of Tokyo and Ph.D. (Informatics) from Kyoto University.
【Publications】 "Japanese Creative Service and Its Competitive Value Co-creation Processes", in Simulation and Gaming in the Network Society, Springer, pp.159-172, 2016, and others.
【Message】 Our aim is to promote and organize the Service Creative Class, i.e., human resources that create new service values. We will conduct a study on service innovation from diverse viewpoints and acquire new problem solving methods that place an importance on problem identification. The classes are designed as a practical, developmental field of education which uses various business frameworks and the latest case materials of the MBA educational system. This will all be observed alongside with the good qualities of the Japanese business styles such as the "Omotenashi" hospitality mindset.
【Activities】 Activity Database on Education and Research, Kyoto University

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