Integrated Port Logistics Chair

港湾物流高度化講座小川雅史20180314 Masashi OGAWA, Associate rofessor

【Specialized Fields】
Port Logistics, Incentive Design

【Subjects】 Global Logistics and Maritime Transport / Trade
【Background】 M. Eng. and Ph. D. from Graduate School of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology/ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism(MLIT).
【Publications】 A Study on the Efficiency of Management and Operation of the Port by Local Governments : The Point of View of Soft Budget Constraints:Journal of logisistics and shipping economics (48), 73-82, 2014.
【Message】 Considering the incentives of various stakeholders involved in global logistics, and the balance between theory and practice, I would like to promote research that contributes to the promotion of port competition strategies and risk management.

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