i-BA & i-PM Admission Guidelines 2019

Application for 2019 has been Closed.

We will change the program and two international full-time programs will open in April 2019 which are fully instructed in the English language. One program is International Business Administration Program (i-BA) and the other is International Project Management Program (i-PM).

International Business Administration Program (i-BA) is a course of study that leads to a general management degree while helping you develop your vision and the skills to achieve it. This program provides wide area of expertise such as business leadership, service & hospitality management, finance and accounting.

International Project Management Program (i-PM) offers an educational curriculum in management necessary to accomplish projects with special aims and diverse constraints or uncertainties for the purpose of nurturing highly advanced professionals who will take active part in these areas of management.

* Applicants must select which program would you like to when applying.




The International Program under the Kyoto University Graduate School of Management will accept a university graduate in various academic fields, someone with working experience or with a full-time job from all over the world. (Working experience is NOT required.)

The International Program aims to nurture true professionals with a high level of specialization and practical knowledge in project management and business administration. The school is interested in selecting individuals who possess an awareness of basic issues in modern-day project management and business administration. The selection process will, in principle, take place by evaluating the submitted application materials.

The Course does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, age, nationality, political beliefs or disability.




■International Business Administration Program (i-BA)..…10 Students

■International Project Management Program (i-PM)….......10 Students

* Note: The above number may be changed based on the quality of the applicant pool. All details regarding the admission guidelines and required documentation are written in the Admission Guidelines document, which is included in the application packet.



ADB-JSP (Asian Development Bank's Japan Scholarship Program) SCHOLARSHIP

Graduate School of Management has been selected as one of the designated institutions under the Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP).

If you apply for International Project Management Program (i-PM), and wish to apply for ADB scholarship, please submit the required documents with the applications of International Project Management Program (i-PM) by the same deadline.

* Applicants for International Business Administration Program (i-BA) CANNOT be applied for ADB-JSP.



 MEXT (Monbukagakusho) SCHOLARSHIP

If you are offered the scholarship already, please contact us before applying.

* If you have NOT passed the first screening of the scholarship, we do NOT accept you to contact us. Please contact us (administrative office, not faculty members) AFTER passing the first screening with the certificate.

If you would like to enroll as a regular student of International Program, you are required to apply for the admission for 2019.




Admission Guidelines 2019 [PDF]

Please read the above guidelines CAREFULLY and send ALL application documents TOGETHER by the deadline. 





Period: Web Registration has been closed.

Important Notes for Web Registration [PDF] <Uploaded on September 7>

At first please read the above notes CAREFULLY. 

* "Check/Change Application Details" is for the applicants who would like to check or change the details of application even though they completed the procedure once.


1. Please click "Graduate School of Management" of "Graduate School List" on the top of the website or scroll down to the bottom of the website.

2. You can find "International Program, Graduate School of Management".

(Please be advised that the other names of Admission are for other courses or faculties.)

3. Please click "Initial Application" in the category.


Please go to the following website to do it.






[Form 1] Application Form for Admission, 2019 [Word]

[Form 2] Detailed Educational Background and Employment History for Admission, 2019 [Word]

[Form 3] Letter of Recommendation for Admission, 2019 [Word]

[Form 4] Education and Professional Plan for Admission, 2019 [Word]

[Form 5] i-BA & i-PM Application Materials Check List, 2019 [Word]

Download [Form 1], [Form 2], [Form 5]

Download [Form 3]

Download [Form 4 for iBA Applicants]

Download [Form 4 for iPM Applicants]


 *Only For Applicants who Wish to Apply Preliminary Eligibility Screening (under the Admission Guidelines Section 3, (9) or (10)

Submisson Period : Preliminary Eligibility Screening has been closed.

Download Preliminary Eligibility Screening Guideline 2019 [PDF]

Download Application Form for Preliminary Eligibility Screening, 2019 [Word]




Before contact us to ask any questions, please refer to the "FAQ" page.

* Please be advised that this is FAQ for International Program Admission. The other courses are different, so please refer to the guidelines for the other courses.

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