Exchange Process

  1. 1

    Select your exchange destination

    Explore the list of GSM exchange partners. Consult GSM office staff and review past records, requirements for the program including English test scores, etc. You may have a change to talk to exchange students from the school of your destination, if they are studying at the GSM.

  2. 2

    Send an application to the GSM Office

  3. 3

    Selection process at the GSM

  4. 4

    Nomination to host school

  5. 5

    After confirmation by both parties, send an official application to the host school.

  6. 6

    Selection process at the host school

  7. 7

    Preparation before departure. Complete required paperwork by the GSM and follow the instructions by the host school. (ex. housing)

  8. 8

    Study abroad

  9. 9

    Return to Kyoto

  10. 10

    Apply for credit approval for the coursework at the host school (if necessary)