● Alumni Activities Reports of 2018

Reunion of 2018 was a great success with many alumni participations. Special thanks to Dean Hara, Professor Wakabayashi, Professor Suematsu and Professor Sugiyama.

At Reunion of 2018, Mr. Omori, former chairperson of Graduate School of Management (GSM) Alumni Association gave us an introductory speech regarding GSM Alumni activity reports.

2018年度 同窓会

During the general meeting of the GSM Alumni Association, a partial change of the newly appointed directors and some contents revisions in our contract had been approved. As a result, Mr. Omori finishes his chairperson term of office but will remain as one of our directors of the GSM Alumni Association. Mr. Omori will continue and cooperate in our future development. Thanks to Mr. Omori for building the foundation for GSM Alumni activities. We, the GSM Alumni Association, will begin operation under the new regime.

As we hold special lectures every year, we invited two lecturers this year, Mr. Mizuki Takeuchi and Mr. Takashi Mitachi.

Mr. Mizuki Takeuchi is from LIXIL Corporation, and his lecture was about “LIXIL’s RPA scale strategy, developing 500 in-house RPA developers”.

Mr. Takashi Mitachi is from Boston Consulting Group, and his lecture was about “Era of Coexistence: Modeling and Leadership Style”.

We would like to thank GOODLIFE Co. and SHIMADA HAMBA & OSAJIMA for being generous and sponsoring the GSM Alumni Association.

At the social gathering party after the reunion, Mr. Yuya Izumi from GOODLIFE CO. and Mr. Satoshi Ishikawa from SHIMADA HAMBA & OSAJIMA gave us welcome speeches. Again, thank you very much for sponsoring the GSM Alumni Association.



We will continue engaging in comprehensive activities to inspire each alumnus and support the development for both the GSM Alumni Association and Kyoto University Business Administration Graduate School. Our dedicated volunteer leadership of the GSM Alumni Association will continue and bring a value for all alumni.

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