Endowed Chairs

Kyoto Valley for Manufacturing and Innovation (JOHNAN)

Installation period

April 2020 - March 2023


JOHNAN Corporation

JOHNAN Corporation


This chair intends to research, educate and promote the development of Kyoto region as one of the global centers of manufacturing and innovation, which may, one day in the near future, provide a coherent set of manufacturing services for designing and prototyping through to mass-production of new product developments.

Our pragmatic researches aim to make emerge an “Industrial Eco-system” here in the historic and cultural center but also a globally-renowned business valley of Kyoto, which may include functions such as “Product Design” focused on product development and entrepreneurship; “’Product Realization” including prototyping; as well as those for “Incubation” and “Acceleration” of new businesses.

Here at our chair we will strive to study what would be needed to develop regional economies through industrial rejuvenation and what kind of caliber would be required of entrepreneurs who may lead it. We will discuss them from the viewpoints of macroeconomics; practical methodologies for business growths; and corporate social responsibilities to support a structural change indispensable for a long-term industrial development - through applications of expertise and wisdom of managerial fields.

Introduction MBA program