SHIFT Endowed Chair Adjunct Associate ProfessorKoichi HIOKI

【Specialized Fields】
Social Psychology, Neuroscience, Managerial accounting, law
2011-2019 Assistant Professor, Graduate school of business administration, Kobe University
2019- Research Fellow, Graduate school of business administration, Kobe University
2022- Adjunct Associate Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University
Levinson, Cohen, & Hioki, 2022, Deadly “TOXINS”: A National Empirical Study of Racial Bias and Future Dangerousness Determinations, Georgia Law Review, vol.56, pp.225-297
Levinson, Smith, & Hioki, Race and Retribution: An Empirical Study of Implicit Bias and Punishment in America, 2019, UC Davis Law Review, vol. 53, pp. 839-891
On this program, we investigate the relation between company’s SDGs/ESG actions and financial performance for promoting their CSR. For this purpose, I would like to contribute by running data correction, analysis and model constructing.