Sysmex Endowment (Corporate Finance & IR) Adjunct ProfessorKenji TACHIBANA

Finance and Accounting Program

【Specialized Fields】
Business Strategy, Corporate Planning, Corporate Finance, Investor Relations
Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at Himeji Institute of Technology and joined Sysmex Corporation. After experienced in Sales & Services, and Listing preparations, etc., became the head of the subsidiary in Singapore. Then served as the important posts of Corporate Planning, Overseas Business and Business Strategy. Currently in charge of Corporate Functions including finance, IR and HR, RA/QA, and DX Strategy as a Member of the Managing Board and Senior Managing Director, Senior Executive Officer.
Based on the abundant experience in the global market as well as the background in leading the strategy development dept., I have been involved in the corporate management from multiple perspectives. I would like to deepen discussions with all of you, the leaders of the next generation on what kind of dialogue with stakeholders will enhance corporate value toward the realization of the sustainable society.