Collaborative Research Chair for Paradoxical Leadership Adjunct ProfessorBunshiro OCHIAI

【Specialized Fields】
Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior
Holds a Bachelor of science in physics from the University of Tokyo, and a Master of science in physics from the graduate school of science, the University of Tokyo. Joined the Boston Consulting Group and founded Alue Co., Ltd in 2003.
Recommendation of Yes, Boss! - Become a professional at work in the first three years! (2008) Taiyo Kikaku Shuppan
How to raise new recruits to acquire the foundations to be professionals (2009) PHP Institute
How to Work in Your 20s (2011) Mikasa Shobo
From my experience in the process of physics, BCG, entrepreneurship, and public listing, management is an integration of contradictions. One of my missions in this project is to explore, practice, and collaborate on "leadership that integrates contradictions," which is required in today's rapidly changing business environment, where multiple objectives need to be pursued simultaneously.